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I am an Independent Shaklee Distributor based in Southern Califronia. I am working with one of the largest Independent Distributors who has been the in the business for over 30 years and knows how to sell the great Shaklee products and to build successful businesses.

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What is Shaklee?

Shaklee is the Number One Natural Nutrition Company in the US. And not only that, but Shaklee is the first company certified to be Carbon Neutral.

Learn more about the great Shaklee products to discover how healthy nutrition, healthy beauty, healthy homes, and healthy weight can become a part of your daily life.

10 Reasons Why Fitness Instructors Can be Successful in Building a Shaklee Business

Shaklee provides an opportunity for many different people to build a successful business to achieve financial independence. But fitness instructors come to the program with several advantages compared with other professionals and experienced business leaders.

What are these advantages for fitness trainers?

1. They are typically already entrepreneurs.

Most fitness instructors are already entrepreneurs – even the ones working at large gyms. They are successful if they develop a large group of repeat clients and it is up to them to encourage people to continue with the program.  There are also many fitness professionals who work on their own without the structure of an established gym.  These people are true entrepreneurs if they are successful in developing their own business.

2. They work with people who want to improve their lives.

Clients at a gym are interested in developing a better, healthier lifestyle. They may be interested in losing weight or gaining muscle mass and these are some of the best quality products Shaklee offers. The Cinch Inch program is designed to help people lose weight and not sacrifice lean muscle mass. These gym-goers are also good customers for vitamin and nutritional supplements to maintain their health and immune system. Vivix Anti-Aging Formula is one of the company's top sellers

3. Their clients are usually health conscience

Gym customers are generally healthy and want to stay that way. The healthy Shaklee products are the type of merchandise that anyone can feel good about promoting and fitness instructors will see that importance. Shaklee’s product line includes healthy vitamin supplements, weight management, green living at home, and healthy beauty products.

4. They are familiar with the types of products Shaklee offers

Talk to a fitness counselor and they will already know the language and terminology of the healthy products offered. They know how a person can lose weight. And how a person can increase their muscle mass.  If the instructor knows his business and is successful he or she will come to the program with more knowledge than almost any Independent Distributor so it won’t take long to become familiar with the program.

5. They are smart, educated, energetic, and optimistic.

The younger – and older - generation of fitness instructors is highly educated. The stereotype of the dumb jock doesn’t describe them. They are smart and want to use their training and skills to build a successful career. These entrepreneurs in particular will see that the Shaklee program can provide an opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work.

Any selling program involves a certain level of rejection. Optimistic instructors energy and natural optimism gives them a resilience others may not have. They can look at the bigger picture over the long run and see that a few “no’s” today can be offset by the potential rewards from the “yes’s”.

6. They have a level of authority on health related issues and products

When a client starts working with a professional instructor they look up to them as being experts in how to live a healthy life. This authority can be useful when presenting the Shaklee product line.  And because the nutritional supplements and other products offered are of the highest quality, they know that they won’t be steering their clients wrong.

7. They appreciate the low cost of investment

Even successful trainers at the gym can be looking for programs to join that don’t take a large investment. Shaklee is a perfect fit with an initial investment of only $299 needed to get them into the program.

8. Can Work Part-Time and Still Be Successful

Many fitness trainers don’t have the time to get started in a full time business. Most are already working with clients. With Shaklee they can take advantage of being able to work at their own pace and still be successful. And as with any new entrepreneurial project, the reward will be directly related to the time and effort invested.

9. Looking for Alternative Employment in the Current Economy

No one has to tell any member of the work force how tough it can be to keep a job in the current economy. But by creating a job by starting a Shaklee business it will be possible to eliminate that problem. Shaklee has exceeded its sales goals in each of the past 6 recessions and has proven that it doesn’t take a strong economy to be successful.

10. They are good networkers

Trainers know other trainers. So they already have the opportunity to develop other potential distributors.  Once they become successful and their co-workers see the benefits, it will be easy to pass along the opportunity.

How Does a Fitness Entrepreneur Get Started?

1. Learn more. Check us out. Look over our website. Check out the products and learn more about the Shaklee Difference. Here are our online resources:

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The FASTTrack Plan site for more information on the opportunity
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2. Ask Questions. Use the CONTACT ME link at the top of each page of our web site to ask any question. We want to hear from you.

3. Join Shaklee. Start today by joining our Shaklee Team by registering as a Gold Ambassador. For only $299 you will receive over $500 in products and will be on your way!

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Dangers of Abdominal Obesity

You've probably already heard about the dangers of
abdominal obesity (otherwise known as "belly fat").

You've probably heard that it increases your risk of
diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

But did you know that it could literally be killing you
- even if you are at ideal body weight?

A group of scientists at the National Institutes of
Health recently analyzed data collected from 44,000
women in the Nurses' Health Study over a 16-year period
and asked if abdominal obesity affected their death
rates from heart disease and cancer(Zhang et al,
Circulation, 117: 1658-1667, 2008).

The answer was a clear-cut yes!

The study showed that women with a waist circumference
of 35 inches were twice as likely to die from heart
disease and cancer than women with a waist
circumference of 28 inches - even if they were at ideal
body weight.

But you might be asking "How can they be at ideal body
weight and still have abdominal obesity?"

There is a natural tendency to lose muscle mass as we
age. When we add in the inactivity associated with the
American lifestyle that loss of muscle mass is
accelerated and the muscle is replaced with fat.

Thus, it is actually possible in today's world to have
both normal weight and abdominal obesity - and that is
not a good thing!

Of course, the women who were both overweight and had
abdominal obesity were even more likely to die from
heart disease or cancer.

So it is not just about not looking good in your
bathing suit - abdominal obesity is a killer!

However, the good news is that you can do something
about abdominal obesity.

A combination of exercise, a healthy diet and the
"Cinch Inch Loss Plan" is a proven way of getting rid
of that unsightly belly fat forever.

To Your Health!
Dr. Stephen G Chaney

Dr. Stephen Chaney
Shaklee Master Coordinator

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food

10 Steps to a Successful Webinar

Webinars can be a powerful online tool for building an online business. But to be successful they also require planning, practice, and a certain level of expertise.

10 Steps to a Successful Webinar

1. Outline your goals for the webinar

What do you want to accomplish? You can:
a. Sell products or services
b. Recruit others for your business
c. Provide training and other information

Decide on your objectives and keep it simple. Don’t try to do too much or you will lose your audience.

2. Select your webinar platform

There are many webinar programs out there. Some are complex and expensive. Others are free – usually for a small audience. We have used DimDim and have found it to be a very good program.

3. Learn how it works

Take time to check out all of the features. You will want to look like the professional you are when your audience shows up. At first it may appear to be complicated, but remember it is just like making a presentation in person only using the latest technology to reach a broad audience.

4. Make it simple for your audience

Many people who would be interested in hearing what you have to present are not going to be technical wizards. So make it simple by using a simple link that anyone can use. Most programs don’t require participants to download software onto their computer. All they need is an internet connection and a phone line for hearing you.

5. Prepare your presentation materials

In most cases you already have your presentation materials on hand. They can be in PowerPoint or even PDF files. You can also use videos and even show the audience your web site as part of the webinar. You just need to be prepared in advance.

6. Practice first without an audience then with a select audience

If you think of the webinar as just like talking to a small group in your office, then you know that you need to practice what you are going to say first. By using the program you will quickly learn how to make the best impression. Then when you have it down, invite a select audience you know to view your presentation so you become more comfortable with the format.

7. Use all of the tools available

A webinar can be a multi-media event. There are many tools such as using PowerPoint so everyone is following along at your pace. But you can show videos, web sites, and even use the screen to type information that is important for everyone to see. You can use a web cam during the presentation so all of the participants can see you. There will be a chat feature where you and your staff can interact with participants; answering any questions that come up.

8. Promote your webinar

You will want to set a schedule for most of your webinars. You can then invite anyone to view them. By using a link to your webinar site you will be able to invite people to come see what you have to say.

9. Record your best webinars for others

Most webinar programs allow you to record the presentation. You can then post that recording on your web site for others to view at any time in the future. This is a great feature to make sure that others can see your information even if they weren’t able to make it to the webinar.

10. Ask for and learn from feedback

At the end of the webinar always ask for feedback. You want to hear what the participants have to say. Learn from their input to make future webinars even more productive.

We have developed a series of webinars for learning and training for our Shaklee distributor network. Check them out on our Nutritional Webinar Web Site. We know from experience how important it is to reach a large audience – anywhere in the country or even around the globe using this latest technology.

Have fun!

5 Steps for Online Marketing Success

Take Something You Like and Make it Your Own.

This can be a powerful tool when building any business. There are many marketing programs, techniques, and processes that can be implemented to grow your online business. But one key to success is to build on something you like.

Traditional direct marketing has always been based on the concept of checking out what the competition is up to. A good direct marketer will be interested in seeing what others are doing and if something shows up over and over, you can be assured that it works. The next step is to adapt your marketing program to use that information to build your own business.

For example, if you see your competition using online webinars to build their business, then it is worth checking out. If they are using Google AdWords to beat you to the customers first, then it is going be valuable for you to learn more about online search marketing. And if you see a similar program using Twitter to reach out, you should also see if Twitter can work for your business.

Do you just copy someone else’s program? Is that okay to do?

Exactly copying the online marketing program that someone else has developed rarely meets your needs. Maybe they are trying to attract a different audience. Maybe their products are different than yours. Or maybe they have just duplicated someone else’s program in hopes that it works for them.

Five Steps for Online Marketing Success

1. Identify the Competition.

You should already know who your online competition is. If not start researching now. See who is appearing everywhere online marketing the same type of products and services. And make sure you have found the entrepreneurs or businesses that are successful to study.

2. List the ten things you think make them successful.

Of course there are going to be many things that a successful business – online or offline – will be doing to promote their business. But rather than trying to figure out everything just concentrate on the top ten things that you have determined to be their keys to success. And see if these programs are used by more than one successful competitor.

3. Narrow that list to the top three things that you would like to be doing.

Your most valuable asset is time. And since you can’t be doing everything, you should focus on the three things that you feel are productive and that you would like to be doing. If they are using Facebook and you like spending time there, put that on your list. If they are using ads but you don’t like all that detail work, leave it off.

4. Map out a plan on how you can start using those three techniques yourself.

You already know your products and services; your strengths and weaknesses; and use that information and your imagination to determine how you can apply these proven methods to your business. Create your map using a timeline showing what you can do this week, this month, and this year.  Be as detailed as possible in your planning.

5. Try these new programs out for yourself.

Start right away so you have time to test things out. As you continue to develop your marketing plan you will be able to test and learn. If things are working, build on those techniques. If some programs are not turning out how you would like, make adjustments and keep at it.

This may sound like just common sense. But most successful marketers don’t have a magic formula. They are continually learning about what works for them in their business. You can use that same technique to grow your business as well.

Good luck!

5 Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Who Wants to Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

This is an easy question. Almost everyone.

But what can make this such a hard thing for us to do these days? In the US we typically live an eventful, busy life – filled with so many activities that to remember to treat ourselves well sometimes gets lost.

Journey to Optimal Health

To be healthy we should focus on five areas:
  1. Good nutrition – what we eat matters
  2. Weight management – how much we eat matters
  3. Fitness – to make our bodies stronger and healthier
  4. Stress management – to minimize unwanted influences to impact our well-being
  5. Taking the right supplements – to give our bodies the best nutrients to stay at our best

Good Nutrition

Many times our eating habits are developed based on the wrong influences – eating what is handy, cheap, easy to find, or what tastes the best. Most people know what makes up healthy nutrition. We should cut back on fast foods, junk foods, and reduce soda intake.

Instead we should eat a healthy diet of the proper balance of macro-nutrients, healthy protein, heart-healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, as well as the all important Omega 3 supplement.
Easier said than done – right?  But many times it takes just as much time, money, and effort to eat the wrong things.

Weight Management

Sixty percent of Americans are overweight. There are many causes, but we need to find the solution for what works for ourselves.

The diet cycle is tough on our systems and eventually results in ending up back where we started. This cycle can actually cause us to lose ground by ending up with lower muscle mass. Lean muscle is important because muscle equals metabolism. The greater our metabolism, the more calories our body uses and that means being able to lose weight or keep our weight where we want.

40%-50% of our diet calories should be made up of complex carbs, 25% to 30% of lean protein, and the remainder from healthy fats. Of course the exact formula for each individual can be different. And it is always recommended that a health professional – doctor or dietician – should be consulted to make sure you are on the right track.


Exercise is important for our well-being and healthy lifestyle for multiple reasons. Working out can be an important activity in any weight management program. Stress can also be reduced from physical exercise. Cardio exercises can be very useful in making our bodies more healthy and can reduce the cause of many of the factors in making us unhealthy.

One hour a day is recommended by many professionals as the required fitness training each day. But that does not mean that you need to spend that time in the gym. Just by taking the stairs at work, walking whenever possible instead of using the car, and staying active in the back yard with the kids all count.

Stress Management

Stress takes its toll on our physical and mental health. A healthy lifestyle includes reducing stress whenever possible. You can start by recognizing the biggest stress factors in your life and minimizing them if you can. Even taking 10 minutes of breathing exercises can help out. And it is important that we all get as much sleep as we can with our busy schedules – eight hours a night can do wonders.

Taking the Right Supplements

If we are conscious about eating a healthy diet, we still may not be getting every nutrient we need to keep us in top shape. Poor foods, less desirable food sources, pollution, and even junk food do not help out.
The recommended supplements include multi-vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, fish oil for omega 3’s, and probiotics for a healthy intestinal tract. There are many sources of natural nutrition vitamin supplements. This may take some time to educate yourself on what is best for you. But the time will be a good investment. And don’t forget to check with your doctor to get their advice as well.

Once you make the decision to leave a healthier lifestyle, you will probably discover that you have more energy, feel better, and want to do more in your active life.

And it is very important to remember that even small changes make a difference.

Good luck and get started today!